A Postcard from Glacier (For Jenny)


Glacier National Park, Montana  

Somewhere here, in Glacier National Park, we're still living the loop of our perfect day hike. We began in shaded trees -- where you dispelled my mirages of bears and deer -- stopped to rest at an icy stream (did I eat a plum?) and then ascended, breathless, above alpine level. Here's a view from the rocks where we stood when mountain goats were kicking dust above us. We paused here to wait for the elderly couple to pass. You pointed into the valley and said, there, I see our car. In the distance, the mountain held bowls of ice, disintegrating in sunlight into waterfalls and collecting again, like an endless loop, lasting months, or years, or centuries. 

Jenny on Glacier 

About: On weekdays 9-5, I am an inbound marketing manager. On weeknights and weekends, I'm a rock climber and tango dancer, knitter and sewer, baker and cook.

Jenny on Glacier: I'm originally from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, so the Rocky Mountains have a special place in my heart. When I was younger, my family used to take us on trips almost every weekend - hiking in the summer, skiing in the winter. We'd visit hot springs and glaciers, icy waterfalls and emerald lakes. Every few years, we would drive down to Waterton and cross the border, exploring the American side of the Rockies in Glacier National Park.

I have so many fond memories of riding on four-person bikes down the streets of Waterton, admiring the red roofs of the town from the lawn of the Prince of Wales hotel, taking pictures of deer feeding on lawns just meters away from the sidewalk...It's been many, many years since I was last there, and I would love to go back sometime and do some of the more moderate hikes in the area. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Postcard in progress

Postcard in progress