A Postcard from Glacier (for Carla)


Kening on Glacier National Park, Montana  

I don't remember what this opening is called, this cavernous pass, but I do remember sitting here on rocks, eating an apple. The steep cliffs reminded me of Chinese mountains. There was a azure pool. Travelers below said that the trail lead to Canada; lodging and food were some hours down that way. We had just completed the most perfect hike of our road trip, and it wasn't even 2pm. I imagined a lifetime of perfect, nourishing ascents and descents, spread over long weekends and all ending in huckleberry pie. We went no further.

Carla on Glacier National Park, Montana

About: I started in the commercial theatre developing Broadway musicals, now freelance writing for experiential marketing and fulfilling a lifelong dream by consulting for an international educational theatre company.

On Glacier: a magical summer day there two years ago. A day filled with wildly divergent weather all in one place. From snowy paths reflecting the sun to secret, lush woods. And then laughing and sliding and slipping on sharp rocks in chilly water with the sound of the falls nearby. We saw an elk through the car window and I felt so free, almost dangerous, wild and reckless. So different from my city self.