this tango life

the stories we tell ourselves about tango, our lives, and each other

a podcast, coming summer 2019

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what is this about?

this project is about you, and it’s about me. it’s about the space between us that disappears when we come into an embrace. it’s about our love and our fears, our addiction and our desires, our romances and our transformations. it’s about tango as a dream, as a life, as a deeper expression of who we are, and our relationships to one another. these relationships — and these stories illuminate who are. yes, tango is a dance. but more than that, it’s a lens into this mysterious thing called life.


tell me your story

this audio project will not and cannot happen without you, my tango friends and strangers. each week, I will be collecting stories on the different themes via Facebook and my this tango life email letter, which you can sign up for here. but you can also submit your story anytime. (and yes, you can choose to be anonymous.) I can’t promise I’ll include every story you send, but I will listen to and honor them all — and they may reappear in another season, or in a different art form.

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season 1: episodes list

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I’m Kening. I’m a writer and artist living in New York. I dance tango here, too.

I never thought tango would become such a big part of my life, but it did. It changed everything for me. If you’re curious, you can explore my tango essays, and also listen to me talk with Adam Hoopengardner on his podcast, Tango Uncorked.

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 spontaneous submissions

you can submit stories here anytime