moon time (summer-fall 2019)

moon time (summer-fall 2019)

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the months are manmade, but the phases of the moon tell the story of cyclical time. ancient time. moon time.

long before iPhones, Google calendars, and smartwatches have helped us mince time into appointment slots and countdown deadlines, we used to live rhythmically, with the passage of the moon.

in this digital age, have we forgotten?

by tuning into waning, waxing, full moons and new moons, we can tune into our own changes, transformations, and rebirths. what can we let go of? what can we set intentions for?

do you, like me, sometimes forget that we’re on a planet called Earth, moving slowly around the sun, as the moon moves around the earth? I made this calendar to help us remember.

lunar phases: june-december 2019
new moon, quarter moons, full moons, solstice and equinox

printed on vellum paper

4.5 inches x 12 inches

made, packaged, and shipped by me, Kening, from new york city, with tenderness

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