7 day morning camper course:

how to build an indestructible, meaningful morning routine


A morning routine that grows with you

Dear friends,

I’m so excited you’re interested in this course!
Many people I’ve heard struggle with morning routines because life happens and it’s hard to stay consistent. My goal for this program is to help you build a morning routine that is indestructible. As in, whatever you make here, you’ll use as a foundation for many years to come.


You’ll be getting

  • Your own 3 part morning routine

  • A actionable plan for daily consistency

  • A Camp Kening booklet

Course components

  • 8 short videos over 8 days

  • Daily email letters for 7 days

  • Simple action steps

  • Worksheets and lesson summaries

  • Your own booklet (print or digital)

  • Email guidance (with me!)

The course outline

Day 0 - Design your morning routine
Day 1 - Eliminate decision making
Day 2 - Filter distractions
Day 3 - Rewrite your self talk
Day 4 - Refine your routine
Day 5 - The five minute routine
Day 6 - Practice flexibility
Day 7 - Loving your routine