Moon journal

in which I paint a circle a day for 365 days to document how I feel 


I started this moon journal as a way of using color to record how I felt each day. Before this, I would think to myself: today feels like an ocean-blue kind of day, or, today was a pastel green. This project makes those thoughts into a daily visual practice.  It's essentially a mood journal, but friends started pointing out that my circles looked like moons.


When I started this in December of 2016, a few things were happening in my personal life: I was taking a visual language class with Richard Mehl and working through a lot of color studies. More significant emotionally, perhaps -- I was undergoing the excruciating process of ending a relationship with my long term partner. At the time, it felt nearly impossible to get through a single day, and I felt that I needed to paint circles in order to feel some semblance of wholeness. I think that I also wanted visual proof that one day, I'll stop waking up feeling like I was dying on the inside, and that eventually my colors will get lighter. And they did. 


I'll be doing this project for 365 days.

Coming soon: 
February 2017!