This is a hypothetical redesign of The Museum of Mathematics. Their current website and brand, as a colleague aptly puts it, looks like "something out of a public high school teacher's resource guide." My goal in this redesign is to make the museum-- and by extension, math-- look invigorating, playful, and thrilling. I also wanted to modernize their look and feel for their target audience: predominantly kids and teenagers. 


Inspiration, moodboard, and logo sketches

I was inspired by mathematical visual puzzles: endless loops and Escher's staircases. I wanted the logo to be engaging and something that pulls the viewer in. I settled on a simple endless loop. 

Logo refinements

I worked to refine the logo. Initially, I went a little crazy with different colors and shapes, but then pared it down to a simple, geometric looped form. 

Visual elements

MoMath Visual Elements


Applications: stationary, brochure, tote bag, poster

Using the visual system above, I created each design application on its own. To build on a tone of intrigue, I selected photography that is highly stylized and a little edgy-quirky.