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How to leap: advice on quitting your job

I grew up in a risk adverse, immigrant culture in which the idea of finding the work you loved was always counterbalanced by the idea of having a stable, steady career. When you’re young and uncertain, the easy choice is the one right front of you. It’s the path you fall into out of convenience, as in: This is what I did for two summer internships, so, this is what I’ll continue doing.

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Organizing the job quest to reduce overwhelm

For people starting over from scratch, the career quest falls into the category of “large life things which can be very overwhelming,” simply because it feels like there’s infinite options, so many unknown variables, and it never fails to make you feel small and vulnerable. Like starting a business, going back to school, or even, dare I say it, dating—   you have to know what you want and keep putting yourself out there, over and over again.

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