Inspiration log: Seymour Chwast, volcanic colors, and chill electronica


Inspiration Log is my weekly collection of 5 things that's thrilled me creatively. 

1) Seymour Chwast & his funny, charming work

Recently I attended a talk with Seymour Chwast and Steven Heller. I didn't realize that Seymour Chwast was 84, based on how much vigor he had when speaking about his work, and how vigorously he continues to churn out work, day after day. Some of my favorites from his presentation, most (if not all) of which was personal work: 

2) Marie Kondo's Joy Sparking Home (via Apartment Therapy)

I usually evade mainstream trends and for a long time, I felt very resistant towards the whole have-less-stuff-and-be-a-nomad camp, but Marie Kondo's book touched me in a deep way. As did these images of her Tokyo apartment. I see her space and feel a sense of lightness, ease of movement, fluidity, spaciousness, and freedom. So much sunlight and simplicity. 

3) Volcanic Color Palettes

I was doing some research for a design project, and stumbled upon these volcano images via Pinterest. I don't even care if these were photoshop manipulated; the color palette is too gorgeous to ignore. 

4) The Memo Bottle

I read about this bottle in a recent issue of the Flow magazine, and was immediately enthralled by the design. The concept could have easily felt gimmicky, but the execution is minimalist and elegant, which never fails to please me. 

5) A few chill electronica songs played on repeat

I didn't even realize I liked chill electronica music until my brother pointed it out to me. The 3 songs I've been listening to on repeat, each of them evoking some sense of existential loneliness, and yet also feel very grounding.