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Using rewards to help you be more productive (and happy)

When you’re driven and ambitious, the natural thing to do is to set really high standards, and be hard on yourself until you reach them. Growing up, I dreaded  then learned to love — unsmiling, disciplinarian Chinese or Russian-style teachers. The standard was perfection. Good work wasn’t to be rewarded, it was to be expected!

But since graduation, getting a 9-5 job, quitting my 9-5 jobstarting a business, and growing into myself as a full-time creative, I’ve changed my mind about the way I frame hard work and expectations. 

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The creative process demystified, realizing I'm a control freak, and other lessons from typography class

This past spring, I took a Typography class at SVA with Jason Heuer, who was previously an art director at Simon and Schuster. I must have finally recovered from the depleting experience that was college, cause I took notes like a madmen, and felt hungry enough to absorb all the knowledge and actually put it into practice. 

In this post, I’ve gone through my scribbles to synthesize everything I learned from the class. The vast majority of these words of wisdom are from Jason Heuer. Thank you, Jason. 

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Aim for iteration, not perfection

When it comes to undertaking any daunting task — building a business from scratch, creating a piece of creative work, or aiming for some other ambitious goal - it’s too easy to get bogged down in the details. As a long-suffering perfectionist with a submerged urge to prove myself to the world, I tend to say to myself: OK, let’s take this from the top, and make sure everything I make is perfect and beautiful before I continue. 

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