A Postcard from Flathead Lake (for Tracey)


Kening on Flathead Lake, Montana  

We laughed that the smooth, jewel-colored stones lining the lake were actually from Home Depot. Here in Indian country, the water was cold even in August. The stones hurt our feet. I scuttled on my limbs like a crab, from water to stone to grass, where you wrapped me in a towel. The next day we rented 1-person kayaks. You rowed into the middle of the lake, invigorated by your own feeling of freedom, empowered by how far your arms could take. I watched you from afar with my kayak drifting sideways and waved at you my paddle. In one clarifying, cool moment, sunlight in our eyes and surrounded by the sound of water, I understood that you too, could leave me. 

Tracey on Flathead Lake 

About: I am a design entrepreneur who designs and makes aprons, tea towels and napkins in Brookyln, New York. I have a 3 year old, 2 cats and one husband. 

On Flathead Lake: Last time I travelled across country I was 21. Twenty years ago. I can't wait to do it again with my daughter. I have never been to Flathead Lake but I have been to Glacier. It is beautiful and as they say it is big sky country.