A Postcard from Crazy Horse, South Dakota (For Danbi)


Crazy Horse, South Dakota

We were actually going to Mount Rushmore. We went there for half an hour, had snapped photos of faces of white male presidents, when we saw Crazy Horse on the maps. It was an unfinished statue in the likeness of a Native American warrior, commissioned in 1939, completely still unfinished. It has never received government funding. Here's a snippet from Wikipedia: 

On November 7, 1939, Henry Standing Bear wrote to the Polish-American sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski, who worked on Mount Rushmore under Gutzon Borglum. He informed the sculptor, "My fellow chiefs and I would like the white man to know that the red man has great heroes, too."

I cried when I read this quote. I made this postcard for Danbi, a friend from way back in high school, because I felt like the voice of the unheard would be something that would resonate with her the way it resonated with me. This week seems like a timely week to share. 

About Danbi 

Danbi is my name. Fries, seasoned and crisp, with an icy Coke is what I crave at night when the people have gone indoors for a conversation but fast-food joints are still open for their last few hours. And teaching words, the flow, the rhythm, the choice, especially the power, is my aspiration.

Why wild card

I didn't have a particular affiliation with any place, and so chose a wildcard. I think it works out though. I adore places that many may not know, but those who spend time there know of the charm. It doesn't require a tourist brochure to speak of its qualities and is quite content to simply not be popular. So, if you run into a place like this, I would love a card from it :)