Inside Your Heart: a children's storybook

This project was a labor of love and birthday gift for a special person in my life. It's a fantastical children's book with him as the main character. I used a combination of paper-cutting, watercolors, pen drawings, and textured papers, and bound the book by hand using glue and watercolor paper. 

The Process

Storyline & sketches

First, I wrote the storyline in my sketchbook and thought about the meaning and message I wanted to convey. I did quick sketches for each page, and decided on a color scheme-- orange and a vibrant turquoise blue. 

Page by Page

Then I just made it. Page by page, bird by bird. I think the first few pages took me over 6 hours each. I was already running late with this gift, so instead of doing paper cut illustrations for every page, I opted for some watercolor and print collages, which were less time consuming. It was intense. 


I used glue and watercolor paper to bind each page together. I think I took a bookbinding class in high school, but I forgot everything. For this project, I just made up something that worked. And used a lot of glue. 


At the time I made this, I was a sophomore in college. His birthday was in February, but I didn't finish making this until May. It was really intense and labor-intensive and very stressful. Exacto knives and paper bits everywhere! But now that I look back, I think it's one of the most beautiful things I have ever made.

I think I've found my magic ingredients: hard labor, true love, and a deep sense of wonder.