Kening's handmade business cards 

The Project: 

I was feeling nervous about making business cards that really captured who I was as a creative. It's a daunting and vulnerable thing, and the prospect of making cards that said "designer" or "illustrator" or whatever made me feel like a fraud. 

Handmade Gifts

I'd like for these cards to feel like a gift, rather than just another self-promotional piece of paper. Initially, I made these handmade cards out of pure necessity - I needed cards for an event, and didn't have time to get them printed - so I dug in my drawers to find what paper materials I had. I used thick watercolor board, origami paper, and a pen. Each card took about 10 minutes to make. 

Ultimately, I realized that the handmade feel is a part of my core essence as an artist, and I want to embrace it. 

handmade business cards