Branding, Marketing, and Business Strategy

I work one-on-one with creatives who are looking to grow their business, but feel overwhelmed by the details and processes of marketing, selling, and managing clients. Often, they aren't sure where to start, and would rather just focus their limited time and energy on their craft. 

How it works

I start with getting creatives clear and grounded in their brand identity, target customers, and service offerings. We will work together to build an online presence that gives them confidence and feels true to them. Then, we'll collaborate on optimizing and refining processes for their day-to-day (from networking, marketing, maintaining an online presence, social media, and sales). We'll conclude with simple checklists for daily maintenance and an action plan for future growth. 

My coaching services

  • Intensive one-on-one coaching; sessions are typically 90 minutes to 2 hours
  • I'll assign exercises per each session. 
  • Session follow up emails with key takeaways and action steps. 
  • Written feedback to projects over email, upon request. 
  • Lists of recommended resources for further learning. 

What you'll get

  1. Clarity and confidence in your brand identity and business vision 
  2. An online presence (web and social media) that feels true to you. 
  3. Clearly refined processes for each part of your business 
  4. Simple checklists for routine business maintenance 


Let me know where you're at, and I can create a custom proposal for your specific needs. My standard coaching rates are as follows: 

First time set of 2 sessions | $350
Full package of 8 sessions | $1500

How to start: 

To make sure that we're a good fit, I'd love schedule a phone call or in-person coffee meeting (if you're in New York City) to learn more about you, your background, and goals. 

Then, I'll send you a custom proposal with detailed timeline and a session plan tailored to you. Once you approve the proposal, we'll get started with our first session!

In the meantime, you can browse my blog for some pieces I've written for creatives.