commit to yourself and your dreams everyday

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what is this camp?

A year ago, after a long, indulgent summer, I made a booklet for myself called Camp Kening. I was tired of feeling distracted, pushed and pulled by commitments, disconnected from myself, and feeling like I’d made little progress on my goals.

Camp Kening is the place I go to recommit to myself. It’s my inner strength training camp for nurturing my wellbeing and pursuits. I shared it with friends, who encouraged me to make it into a real thing. So, here it is!



who camp is for 

I made Camp Kening for myself, and you’re going to do Camp (your name). You might like to join me if you’re interested in any of these:

  • To get grounded in yourself, and focus on personal well-being

  • To create more structure and accountability for your goals

  • To make time for creative pursuits

  • To spend time and energy more deliberately

  • To build better habits and routines



how it works

The philosophy behind Camp is that daily routines and habits are far more effective than planning one’s life to the tee. It’s about building flexible structures that work effortlessly with our lives, instead of imposing on them.

There are 3 steps, and they’re very simple.

Step 1: Decide what’s important to you

Step 2: Plan a daily practice around it

Step 3: Make it seamless with your life