The Project 

I started this project with 3 objectives:

  1. Distill crucial wisdom I've learned about being a creative into a visual format
  2. Get into the habit of making something small everyday
  3. Get into the routine of sharing my work online - "shipping" my work everyday. 

This project rose from me reflecting on my blocks as a creative -- I tend to be super perfectionist and detail-oriented with everything, so it takes me a long time to decide on a project, let alone execute it and share it with anyone. I wanted to practice not being afraid - of making things quickly even if they don't turn out exactly the way I want them to - because, I realized, more important is the iterative mindset of growth. Distilling the wisdom of creatives felt to me the perfect way to practice this, because it encapsulates knowledge and wisdom I want to internalize and use in my own creative journey. 

The process 

Each piece takes me about 30 minutes each to make, and 30 minutes to photograph, write about, and post online. I bought an assortment of origami and printed paper. I decide on a quote I want to use, I sketch it out in pencil, I rewrite it in pen, then I play around with a certain cut of paper until I have something I want to try. I glue it down before I change my mind.