A Postcard Between Us

I'm voyaging cross-country through America.
Come see it with me.


The Project

A Postcard Between Us is a handmade postcard project spanning a cross country road trip, about intimate dialogues, imagined realities, and narratives of place.

You choose a place on my road trip, and tell me why you chose it. While I'm there, I'll be thinking of you and of what you wrote. I'll make a postcard for you and send it to you in the mail.  




Sent Postcards


See the voyage:

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What this project is "about"

A conversation with you.  

I'm eager to hear your voice, your stories, and your imaginings of this place. I've always been interested in how people create their own realities of a place (see my project Wandermaps). I grew up as one of the only Asians in a little Southern town, always feeling displaced, and out of place. I want to be inspired by a conversation with 4 speakers: with the place I'm visiting, with my road trip companions, with myself, and with you.  

Intimacy without overexposure. 

Too often, I see travel logs that make me feel disconnected-- too many details I don't care to know about interesting experiences I'm not having. I want to make something that emotionally resonates with you, whether you are there or not. I'll share my road trip journey online, but at the same time, I'm wary of virtual overexposure-- I don't want my virtual life to detract from what's happening in real life. 

I made this for you. 

"I made this for you" is one of my core philosophies in my work. I've noticed that I often create my best work when I think of it as a gift for someone else. Maybe it's just my innate desire to please, but this ethos of gift-giving is influential to me. This postcard is between us, and I made it for you. 

Learning to see more deeply. 

What I see is always a function of who I am, where I come from, where I am in this juncture of my life, and how I feel in this space and time. Most of these places I've never been to, may never go to again, and definitely won't ever experience like this again. My goal is to stretch myself, my keenness of perception and observation, and my sensitivity to myself, and to others. 

Internal voyaging. 

This road trip marks a wave of uncertainty and change in my life; the end of one era and the beginning of another. My creative work always has emotional significance to me, so I'm sure that pieces of it may show up in my postcards to you. 


Support this project (and our road trip) 

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